Kelowna, BC – August 29, 2023 – In light of the inquiries we've received regarding the crane at the Movala project site, Stober Group wishes to provide clarity and updates to the community.

At Stober Group, our commitment to safety has always been unwavering, adhering to the highest standards in all our operations and projects.
As a point of clarification, weathervaning is a standard safety procedure practiced by all tower crane operators for cranes of this type in British Columbia. This essential measure allows the crane to freely rotate in high winds, reducing stress on the tower structure and ensuring maximum safety.

Considering concerns raised by one of our neighbours, we are taking additional steps to enhance these safety protocols. While weathervaning is a standard procedure, we are implementing an additional safety measure, fully endorsed by WorkSafeBC: tying down the crane. This action is specifically aimed at preventing the intermittent weathervaning over a section of the said neighbour's property.

To provide further clarity, it is important to emphasize that the crane has not swung over the neighbouring property while carrying loads, as per our site safety protocols. The specific instances in question pertain to the crane’s weathervaning outside of operational hours, an occurrence that has been rare since the crane's installation. Moreover, we've maintained crane agreements with all other neighbouring properties for over a year, demonstrating our proactive approach to community collaboration.

We are actively engaging in discussions with the neighbour in question. Our aim is to ensure a mutual agreement is in place throughout the duration of the construction period.

With a deep-rooted legacy that spans over six decades in this community, Stober Group reiterates that the safety, well-being, and trust of our residents and partners remain at the forefront of our operations.


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